A final post

This is my final post for the EDC1300 course. I am still working on my last assingnment, which unfortunately wont be my best work. I feel and have felt over this whole semester, very rushed and overwhelmed with the size and expectations for this course. I’m usually one to put in 100% to all my uni work but I am exhasted. I dont really like how some courses are more frequently adding three assignment pieces. I feel that by the third assignment its a total stuggle. I enjoyed my prac but also feel that the prac requirments need to be more authentic to the particular course students are studying. For example as an Early Years student (with a Diploma), that was my first prac in a school and for primary students this would have been their fourth in a school….I felt at a HUGE disadvatage explaining to my mentor that I had never taught a lesson before, even though this prac required a full teaching day… any hoo….still surviving.

Thanks for reading


A list of my ICT experiences on prac

  • Showed short videos (usually C2C) in the IWB, that were provided to support the content I was teaching.
  • Used the IWB to demonstrate how to create an e-book with Power Point
  • Worked 1:1 with students to use the mouse, PPT and the keyboard to manipulate and create slides that would become an e-book
  • Supported a peer tutor student, as she worked with her class mates on the e-books
  • Created short cuts and explained some of windows 8 to aid my mentor’s frustration with new technology
  • Attended a professional development workshop on Reading Eggs, and then worked 1:1 with students so that they were using a trial version that was appropriate for their reading level.
  • Used the IWB, Internet and cordless mice for students to locate & sort various items –appropriate to the context of the lesson I was teaching
  • Showed students how to use their USB sticks and how to log onto the class computers and reading eggs
  • Blown away when ASD student became very excited and very knowledgeable and uncharacteristically accommodating to the lessons on the e-book and reading eggs.
  • Watched a student that has very low writing skills and usually very quiet, verbalise descriptive sentences with enthusiasm, when I typed it for her, for her e-book.
  • Used Google and private sources, to fix a few laptop glitches such as a keyboard letter scrambles and when the screen kept slitting from the laptop to the IWB.


This week I worked on adding my own touches to the c2c lessons that I was asked to teach. I really enjoyed working on the maths and the science subjects. This week in science I as preparing a lesson on recycling. I found it much easier to teach a lesson when I had knowledge about the content. The c2c lesson had lots of hands on tactile sorting activities (so I had to find lots of recycling materials to bring in) and video of its own. When I attempted to download the first video, it wouldnt play due to the internet quality. The lesson continued over to the next day, so this time I had found another website, pre watched the videos and had them ready to go (on the IWB). I also added an interactive sorting game, but my IWB was not touch, so I used a wirless mouse to engage the students in the sorting activity.

Three-dimensional shapes

During my year one placeement, I was given 4 maths lessons from the C2C units on three-dimensional shapes. I found the C2C’s difficult to work with, as I felt like I had to follow the content closely so that I did’nt miss anything important. Once I really broke the C2C’s down and wrote it out in a way that I could make more sence of it, I developed a little more confidence. I can see that my mentor uses them as a guide and then add’s all of her amazing years of experince and knowledge to them. I would rather have watched her teach and learned through her, than attempting to read out the C2C’s myself.

I was looked at the lessons and wondered how I was going to impliment my ICT components? I accessed the Australian Curriculum for the content descriptors and followed the Scootle resources. I found two interactive games for identifying 3D shapes. This one in the kitchen, identifying cylinders and cones. Then this one for a variety of 3D shapes, they were both perfect for the lesson. I felt much more confident with my lessons when I had added my own elements to it.

PD on prac

During this week, my mentor was double booked with meetings and asked me if I could attend one on her behalf. I happily offered any assistance I could offer as she could quite well be the most busiest lady I know. I attended a small meeting on trialing reading eggs in the school. The company rep talked to us through the benefits of the online lessons, differentiation of reading levels and the HUGE array of resources available for teachers, once a subcription has been purchaced. This included up to 120 reading lessons, reading posters, writing, big books and a enourmous reading libracy to access. This PD opportunity allowed me to access and explore these ICT resources first hand and then to report this back to my mentor.

2 lessons and week one down

This is my first prac in a school, as I am early years focused and I must say that even though I have no intention to be a primary teacher, this strange new environment is growing on me. The teaching is the hardest part for me so far (funny I know) but as each day passes, my wonderful mentor is adding and building on my skills with support. I too felt like as Philipa described in her blog “a dear caught in the head lights” when i was teaching my first lesson but as I have now completed my second media lesson Im feeling a little more confident. The second lesson was about taking digital photos to use in thier e-books and we only had one camera (my mentors), so I had to take the photos for them. I know this is a missed opportunity for the students but with no resources, we did the best we could. I involved the students by getting them to draw and design the scenario before we went outside. The voting on the scenario was a bit sour but we ended up with four specific images that the students thought would be ideal to be used in thier up coming e-books.

My first lesson

I have been given an arts media unit to play with & create a few lesson plans for. We decided that it would be a great way to integrate ICT into the unit. I plan on scaffolding each year 1 student to create a PowerPoint using photos from their year 1 play ground (an e-book). I had my first lesson ready to go, with lots of digital photos, lost of media language and concepts to discuss. To be honest it probably went pretty well, but from my perspective, it was a train wreck! I kept loosing their attention and repeating the same things. I certainly didnt feel very successful during the whole episode, but it ended with some spontaneous additions that will add more enjoyment to the project and to my next lesson plan. The ICT side of things is going really well. Im helping my teacher with lots of issues she has been having with new softwear, so she says I have already passed (hahaha), even though I only created a short cut for her. I did have one glitch with todays lesson, as the screen on the SMART board keeps splitting, so I wasnt able to do a slide show of the PPT we made as a group but I think they got the idea.. Only 13 more days to go (but secretly im already getting attached).